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Everyday businesses look for feedback and help from customers and consumers to test usability of websites, to get feedback on new products or advertising, and to find out how to make their services better.

You can help. Join our panel now!


Join, market research panels from, and help businesses and organisations test new products and ideas, and help them improve the products they already provide.

Sign up is entirely free, and you can earn points, cash or money for charity for participating in market research, which could be surveys, video discussions, or testing a new product or website and providing feedback.

Our expert advisor panels are for professionals who want to take part in round-table discussions about current industry trends.

  • Sign up as a panellist
  • Self-test training course
  • Provide feedback about a company or issue you care about
  • Boost someone you think has done a good job
  • Hints and tips
  • If I were you... community advice.


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