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Powerful, instant-use survey design

Cxoice allows you to create and edit surveys directly online. No software needed, no sign up required. For speed, start with our Questionnaire Wizard and build surveys with all the traditional question types, plus routing and calculations and text-substitution. All online, without needing to sign up.

Smarter question types for better questionnaires

Cxoice brings smarter questions that allow respondents to make choices about what they answer and how they answer. Hot-cold questions that allow unforced ratings not just of text, but images and audio-visual content. Menu-driven questions that allow respondents to answer what they like, not what the researcher says. Advanced trade-off questions like conjoint and brand-price-trade-off or MaxDiff.

Project and knowledge management

Surveys on Cxoice are linked to project areas. This allows for documents and project notes to be included with surveys, and for direct monitoring of data and results. And with permission-based access control, you can work collaboratively building your research, and sharing the results.

Live-data reporting

Cxoice surveys can be shared via live-data presentations where results can be examined and drilled-down directly to allow for exploring data in more detail. The charts can also be filtered for automated report generation for different audiences, and exported to Powerpoint or pdf's for static archives.

Reports can also be blended into staff's learning materials with checks, tests and comments for training and awareness building. Making the report active, and not just something else to browse.